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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who's ready for fall? Poetry Slam! jam: Truesdell Education Campus (middle school)

The fall 2014 DC SCORES season begins September 15!

To see images representing all 47 of our program schools, follow us on Instagram @dc_scores for a school-by-school countdown until Opening Day.

On this blog, each week day leading up to the season we'll highlight a school's Poetry Slam! performance from 2013. Just about everyone is familiar with the soccer component of DC SCORES, but the self-expression aspect is just as important. Each fall, all of our 1,500 youth go through a three-month curriculum that culminates in every school performing original works of spoken word at our blockbuster event of the year, the Poetry Slam!.

Watch, be inspired, and mark your calendar for December 3-4, the dates of the 2014 Slam!

SCHOOL: Truesdell Education Campus (middle)


STANDOUT POETRY SLAM! LINE: "Just know there are eight planets and we are not the center of everything."

Watch Truesdell above or here.

View Truesdell photos here.

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