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Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome to the 20th fall season of DC SCORES

The countdown is finally over!

After 47 days of highlighting each of our program schools across Washington, DC, the season starts this afternoon. When the school bell lets out, 1,500 DC youth will take to the soccer field and receive their personal poetry notebooks.

DC SCORES will begin.

But what, exactly, does the fall DC SCORES season entail? Who runs it? And how often are youth engaged? As everything begins today, here is an overview:

Youth Engaged
We serve 1,500 youth in 29 elementary and 18 DC public and public charter schools. An average "team" at each school has 32 students with an equal gender split. View a list of our schools HERE.

Who coaches?
DC SCORES hires four coaches -- two soccer and two writing -- at each school. The large majority of our coaches are also teachers at the schools, strengthening school-day relationships with students by working with them after school.

How often is programming?
Our elementary schools have programming five days a week. On two days, the students learn soccer skills through practices. On two days, they are in the classroom learning how to express themselves through poetry. And on Thursdays, students participate in game days where a school plays a girls game followed by a boys game against another school. Game days are great for many reasons, including schools visiting neighborhoods they're unfamiliar with and the great community support from families and others.

Our middle schools have programming three days a week, but the same number of hours as elementary schools. In a block scheduling format, schools have both soccer and writing two days a week and then game days on Fridays.

What is taught?
Our coaches are trained to take students through a very specific, comprehensive curriculum for both soccer and writing that includes academic enrichment modules and readily usable soccer practice plans. Above all, coaches instill the core values of Teamwork, Leadership and Commitment in students while also stressing sportsmanship on the soccer field.

What special events are there?
Oct. 25, Fall Frenzy, Trinity University -- Fall Frenzy is our large fall outdoor event for all 800 of our elementary school students. Schools play a round-robin soccer tournament and also engage in myriad fun activities including facepainting, arts and crafts, relay races and more. It's a family-centered event and everyone is welcome.

Nov. 25, Capital Cup, Bell High School -- The Capital Cup is our middle school soccer championships event, with the girls title game followed by the boys game. It is a great afternoon for seeing how much DC SCORES teams have developed during the fall season.

Dec. 3-4, Poetry Slam! -- The Poetry Slam! is the culminating event of the fall season and an absolute must-attend for anyone who's a fan of DC SCORES. The two-night event showcases the original poems of students representing all of our schools, as each team does a 5-minute performance on stage in front of capacity crowds.

How do I get involved?
Great question! There are many ways to be a part of our team this fall:
  • Volunteer: Refs are needed for our elementary school soccer games (minimal experience needed). We're also looking for assistant coaches who have an afternoon a week open. Additionally, volunteering at Fall Frenzy is guaranteed to be a good time. For a full list of opportunities, visit our website.
  • Come to a High Five! Tour, the best way to learn about the impact of our program in one hour!
  • You can also make a real impact at anytime from anywhere by giving the gift of team.

How do I stay connected online?
There are many ways to keep up to date on all things DC SCORES with powerful stories, fun videos, and a plethora of photos:
And, of course, visit www.DCSCORES for all updated information about our program.

We look forward to having you be a part of our 20th season building teams for DC youth!

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