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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer camp profiles: Skill-building on the soccer field replaces inactivity

Written by Kyndall Brown
Communications Intern

Estefany F. is in her room packing her cleats, shin guards, and picking out her t-shirt and shorts for camp today at Marie Reed. She has been attending DC SCORES Camp at Marie Reed for the past two summers and could not envision an exciting summer without it.

“Being home, watching TV,” is what Estefany says she would be doing with her summer if she were not attending camp. She would much rather be at camp where she can be, “trying to get better at soccer, especially scoring and dribbling.”

“It’s important for me because that’s something I like to do, and that’s something that brings my family together too,” Estefany says.

Estefany sees SCORES camp as an opportunity to develop her skills for a sport that has become a valued part of her life. Soccer is not only important to her because she loves the sport, but also because of the impact it has on her family.


Alma H. practices juggling at Tubman soccer camp. 
Alma H. is at her elementary school Truesdell waiting for the bus to arrive and bring her to the SCORES camp at Tubman. Even though the bus does not arrive, Alma and her friend do not decide to go home for the remainder of their day. Instead they both walk to camp.

Even when Alma did not have a ride to camp, she still found her way there. Soccer has become a big part of her life, and coming to camp is teaching her so much more about a sport that she truly loves.

“From camp I’ve learned how to shoot, I know how to control with my left now, and I know how to shoot with my left,” Alma says.

These are both skills she did not have before camp.


Without SCORES camps, participants like Alma and Estefany would still be able to find time to play soccer because they both have a genuine love for the game. However, SCORES camps gives them a chance to not only play the sport that they love but also develop team building skills with their SCORES coaches and peers. At the Marie Reed Camp, Estefany gets to play her favorite sport and is able to gain more exposure to various art activities as well.

There are still two more weeks remaining of DC SCORES summer camps, both at the Marie Reed Soccer & Arts Camp and the soccer camp at Bruce Monroe. Stay updated on what we have planned for our last couple weeks of camp by following us on Twitter @DCSCORES, on Instagram at @dc_scores, and by viewing our summer camp photo album on Flickr HERE.

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