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Monday, June 9, 2014

Former program participant Kyndall Brown returns to intern for DC SCORES

Kyndall Brown was a DC SCORES program participant at Anne Beers for three years, where she learned how to play soccer under the tutelage of her coach and father, Michael Brown. She also became a star poet at Beers, performing her solo poems at the DC SCORES Poetry Slam!. Kyndall went on to play soccer at Bell Multicultural High School and now, as a rising sophomore at Temple University, is interning this summer in our communications department. Below, Kyndall writes about what brought her back to DC SCORES. Follow @DCSCORESInterns for Tweets from Kyndall during her internship experience. 


Written by Kyndall Brown 
Communications Intern

I was introduced to DC SCORES when I was in the third grade at Anne Beers Elementary School. Being a part of DC SCORES was the highlight of my elementary school years at Beers. In the short three years between third and sixth grade, I gained and experienced so more than I could have imagined.

When I moved on to middle school, the school I chose unfortunately did not have a DC SCORES program. Leaving Beers was bittersweet because I was excited about growing up and going to a new school, but I knew that I would never be able to find another program like DC SCORES.

I never played soccer or any sport before DC SCORES. My participation in the program made soccer a big aspect of my life throughout high school. It also improved my confidence in my writing and is the reason that English is one of my strongest subjects in school.

In 2005, when I was in sixth grade, I performed my first solo poem at the annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam!. That experience and the preparation leading up to the Slam! helped me become comfortable with public speaking. In 2013, I used the same skills I developed during the Poetry Slam! to give a speech that helped me become the senior class president at my high school.

I will be able to use skills I learned in DC SCORES — including the most effective approach to teaching and outreach — for the rest of my life. Now, as an intern, I have the special opportunity to be a part of giving back to what was once given to me.

I am currently a Media and Communications major at Temple University and still exploring the major to decide exactly what I want to do with my degree. Coming back to DC SCORES to learn about the communications aspects of the organization is exactly how I want to spend my summer. It is great to be back in an atmosphere that I once was able to prosper in so much, and now I have a chance to grow even more.

During my time interning, I hope that my efforts continue to help the organization grow and have the same influence on other students that it had on me. Interning for any organization takes hard work and commitment. Interning for an organization with a mission you are passionate about makes both the hard work and commitment well worth it.

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