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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cresa Washington DC's 'Camp Champs' lead summer camp fundraising campaign

Written by Daniel Meloy
Senior Director of Development & Communications


It’s a time so many kids look forward to. A time to play, to be with friends, to just have fun!

But for many kids who don’t have access to safe, structured activities, summer can mean a time to be stuck on the couch, with the only activity being video games or watching TV.

That’s why DC SCORES offers free summer camps to keep kids active and learning in a safe and structured environment. Our soccer and arts camps engage over 250 kids and help combat summer learning loss as well as fitness loss. We keep kids off the couch!

And to keep our summer camps free to all who participate, each spring we conduct our Couch to Camp Campaign. The annual fundraising campaign runs for several weeks and raises thousands of dollars needed for camp counselors, equipment, supplies, healthy snacks, and buses - all the things that create a fun summer experience.

This year, we wanted to give our Couch to Camp Campaign an extra boost. We asked ourselves, “How do we give the campaign greater exposure and raise more money?”

We didn’t have to look very far for our answer. Our good friends at Cresa Washington DC quickly signed on as the presenting sponsor of the campaign.

Cresa Washington DC has supported DC SCORES in a variety of ways, so it was no surprise that its support for the Couch to Camp Campaign was more than simply writing a check.

With support from the Cresa Washington DC partners and a team of dedicated employees, the company made a generous financial commitment. But then Cresa went one step further, with 10 employees serving as “Camp Champs.” Each Camp Champ set up a personal online fundraising page and has been asking friends, family and colleagues to make donations.

As we head into the final two days of the Couch to Camp Campaign and are close to reaching our fundraising goal, the Camp Champs are hard at work. We are grateful for their commitment to DC SCORES and to the kids we serve. We can’t wait for Cresa Washington DC day at camp this summer, when Cresa employees will attend camp, meet and interact with the kids, and experience first-hand exactly what they are helping to make possible.

Thank you, Cresa Washington DC, for your generosity and dedication to DC SCORES and the kids we serve!

To contribute to this year’s Couch to Camp Campaign, please go HERE.

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