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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Partner profile: EVOKE provides services, builds personal connections to DC SCORES

EVOKE hosted a mobile High Five! Tour, where guests
learned more about DC SCORES' impact.
Written by Daniel Meloy
Senior Director of Development & Communications

When highlighting previous DC SCORES business supporters, I’ve mentioned those that have supported us beyond a grant or donation. This month’s featured supporter - EVOKE - has, like many other businesses, supported DC SCORES in a variety of ways.

EVOKE is a full-service event design, planning and management firm, producing events throughout the greater Washington, DC region. Founder and owner Jodi Moraru was introduced to DC SCORES three years ago and quickly got involved in our 2012 Inspired Art event.

As the connection between DC SCORES and EVOKE grew, so did the personal involvement of Jodi, who joined the DC SCORES Board of Directors last June.

Most recently, Jodi and EVOKE hosted (along with two fellow board members) a “mobile High Five! Tour.” A High Five! Tour is a “tour” of our mission, told through stories of kids who’ve participated in DC SCORES, giving guests a fun introduction to our work. While normally done at the DC SCORES office, it can go mobile to a office or private home.

It was no surprise to us that Jodi and EVOKE got others involved in the mobile High Five! Tour. In addition to inviting colleagues and friends, Jodi got Travelling Bean to set up an espresso station and Photogroup to provide space for the event. Jodi and EVOKE understand that the goal of the High Five! Tour is to tell others about DC SCORES. By getting others involved, she helped us achieve that goal.

Jodi also understands that having an impact on the community involves more than just finding a worthy cause to support. It’s about finding the right organization.

“As a business owner, it’s important for me to give back to the community, but I also feel that working with the right charity is a very personal decision," Jodi said. "It didn’t take me long to realize that DC SCORES was the right organization for EVOKE. A child who has self-confidence, strength of character, and a willingness to be part of a strong community will give back ten-fold in life and have the ability to overcome life’s tougher situations. DC SCORES fosters support and growth of kids, and EVOKE is proud to play a role in that.”

And DC SCORES is proud to have EVOKE as one of our supporters!

If you would like to host a mobile High Five! Tour at your office or discuss other opportunities for your business to get involved with DC SCORES, please contact Daniel Meloy at dmeloy@americascores.org.

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