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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Individual donor profile: Tony Francavilla calls DC SCORES 'Really freaking awesome'

Written by Daniel Meloy
Senior Director of Development & Communications

In addition to the support of companies and foundations, as well as government grants, DC SCORES relies on the generosity of hundreds of individual donors. Each month, the DC SCORES blog will highlight one of those individuals who contribute to DC SCORES.


When Tony Francavilla first heard about DC SCORES during his senior year of college, he was immediately drawn to the organization because it involved two of his favorite things: writing and soccer.

Whenever Tony tells someone about DC SCORES, often their first reaction is to tell him that soccer and poetry are a pretty bizarre combination. He admits they have a point. But having worked at a program in a neighborhood served by DC SCORES, he is able to talk about the importance of staying active and also having diverse outlets for positive self-expression.

“Some kids can’t think of a single thing they’d enjoy less than writing, but are as comfortable as can be on the soccer field (or any athletic field for that matter),” he says. “Other kids might dread stepping out on the field, but when Poetry Slam! time comes around they are all attitude and showmanship and talent … you forget entirely that they are only in fifth grade.”

And what about those kids who like both soccer and writing?

“Then DC SCORES is the jackpot,” Tony says.

Tony fully understands what it is like to have an after-school activity to look forward to every day. Growing up, he was involved in quite a few activities - sports, mock trial, quiz bowl. He even served on the local parks and rec board when he was younger because he thought it would be cool. (He now reports that he later learned it wasn’t!)

Now Tony stays active by playing soccer, practicing yoga, volunteering, tutoring, and spending time with friends. Tony also lends his time to DC SCORES. This month, he’s inviting his friends and hosting them at our High Five! Tour on Wednesday, February 19, from 11:30am-12:30pm. (If you would like to join us for a High Five! Tour and learn more about DC SCORES, please go HERE.)

When asked to describe DC SCORES using only three words, Tony replies, “Really freaking awesome.”

Tony, we can say the same of you. Thank you for your continued support of DC SCORES!

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