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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Tuesday: 24 hours to provide soccer uniforms for DC youth

Giving Tuesday is here!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us. Today, December 3, is all about supporting your favorite nonprofits. We hope, if you're reading this, that you'll consider making a difference for low-income DC youth by giving to DC SCORES.

Our 24-hour goal is simple: To provide 300 soccer uniforms — and a team — for kids in the District of Columbia who don't currently wearing one.

Our program has expanded greatly to serve 1,500 youth in all eight wards of the city. We're in 47 schools. And still, there are thousands of DC youth in elementary and middle schools throughout the city lacking the chance to pull on a uniform, put on soccer shorts, and add shinguards and socks to play soccer.

That's what your $25 gift on Giving Tuesday will provide. Every element of a soccer outfit.

Throughout the day, we'll give out High Fives — a speciality of ours — right here to everyone who provides a uniform, or three, or 10.

You can help spread the love, too, by Tweeting about your gift (mention us: @DCSCORES and use #GivingTuesday) and posting about it in our Facebook event.

Thanks for being a part of our team!

#GivingTuesday soccer uniforms (updated as given): 355!

DC SCORES High Fives list, time given
Deidre Grubb, 2:11pm (Dec. 6)
David Bird, 9:21am (Dec. 5)
Larry Schwartzman, 8:46pm
Kevin Parker, 2:36pm
Colin Finan, 1:25pm
Jacqueline Fishman, 9:57am
Maurice Gilmore, 9:06am
Robert Watkins, 12:51am (Dec. 4)
Mark Schwartz, 11:54pm
Dave Crespo, 11:43pm
Amy Elliott, 11:22pm
Margaret Johnson, 11:08pm
Megan Crotts, 10:37pm
Carlos Fonseca, 10:32pm
Anne Woodworth, 10:30pm
John Kemp, 10:18pm
Connie Lindenauer, 10:08pm
Patricia Kremers, 10:02pm
Simon Landau, 9:20pm
Oliver Read, 9:12pm
Benjamin Pulliam, 8:49pm
Michael Geffroy, 8:49pm
Jean Counts, 8:46pm
Carol Strickland, 8:22pm
Katherine Barrett, 8:05pm
Meredith Gamble, 8:03pm
Thomas Arenberg, 8:03pm
Bryan Hinkle, 7:54pm
Kathleen Burke, 7:50pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 7:43pm
Kristi Barksdale, 7:41pm
Lauren Segars, 7:41pm
Brenna Weidman, 7:40pm
Julie Anne Rogers, 6:58pm
AnnMarie Fay, 6:49pm
Qiana Martin, 6:41pm
Cheryl Yael Kiken, 6:36pm
Kathy Jacquart, 6:18pm
Rodrigo Salgado, 6:07pm
Donald Feltman, 5:59pm
Sandra Grance, 5:57pm
Angel Cintron Jr., 5:55pm
Michael Robbins, 5:42pm
Stefan Fatsis, 5:28pm
Leah Hochstetler, 5:23pm
Kathleen Glines, 4:53pm
Amanda Potter, 4:41pm
Anne Kemp Hummel, 4:39pm
Carlos Espindola, 4:13pm
Adrienne Stelmach, 4:08pm
Julia Coffman, 3:53pm
Sam Jaraiedi, 3:45pm
James Meadows II, 3:34pm
Celina Cunningham, 3:14pm
Sherman Katz, 3:03pm
Hayley and David Meadvin, 3:00pm
Robin Gebhardt, 2:54pm
Brian Yi, 2:52pm
Patrick Frey, 2:39pm
Sean Tipton, 2:20pm
Hattie Sinclair, 1:58pm
Shakeria Reed, 1:53pm
Anthony Francavilla, 1:47pm
Cristy Dean, 1:44pm
Judith Kemp, 1:38pm
Ian Kelly, 1:34pm
Zaryn Jennings, 1:30pm
Sadaf Reza, 1:29pm
Shirley Rosen, 1:23pm
James Frison, 1:15pm
Kevin Alansky, 1:02pm
Leah Corr, 1:01pm
Maria Gaona, 12:50pm
Kim Kendrick, 12:48pm
Richard Rosen, 12:44pm
Deirdre Hart, 12:26pm
Dawn Porter, 12:25pm
John Brenden Owen, 12:16pm
Ann and Christopher Teras, 12:15pm
Jessica Rosen, 12:08pm
Maria Belaval, 11:59am
Anthony Francavilla, 11:56am
David Solander, 11:51am
Jessica Trevelyan, 11:48am
Andrew Duffy, 11:43am
Cielo Contreras, 11:41am
Michael Augustin, 11:27am
Anthony Francavilla, 11:25am
Anthony Francavilla, 11:23am
Nancy Kemp, 11:21am
Elaine Akst, 11:20am
Hugh Gamble, 11:09am
Maigari Jinkiri, 11:08am
Cathleen Lutz, 11:04am
John Carmel, 10:57am
Benjamin Chrnelich, 10:43am
Eric Stern, 10:39am
Jeff Schwartz, 10:32am
Kelly Dragelin, 10:28am
Jana E. Sharp, 10:25am
Brittney Brown, 10:09am
Alice Speck, 9:54am
Mike Gula, 9:53am
John E. Reagan III, 9:50am
Paula Donahue, 9:46am
Vesta Hochstetler, 9:37am
Willard Hillegeist, 9:29am
Justin Feltman, 9:27am
Anthony Francavilla, 9:23am
Ionut Neata, 9:20am
Eric Ahearn, 9:01am
Bradford Gamble, 8:56am
Chris Richardson, 8:55am
Marisa Deline, 8:45am
Barton Bishop, 8:35am
Karen Lovitch, 8:31am
Christina Tunison, 8:28am
Adam Rubinfield, 8:26am
Lauren Labbe, 8:20am
Heather Skigen, 7:43am
David Gilles, 7:38am
Daniel Meloy, 5:50am
Richard Washington, 12:28am
Cheryl Boyce, 12:23am
Charles Polk, 12:21am
Amy Nakamoto, 12:20am
Christopher Watts, 12:19am
Sue Budin, 12:18am
Deborah Fins, 12:15am
Rafe Peterson, 12:13am
David Katz, 12:08am
Bentley Johnson, 12:07am
Paul Jackson, 12:07am
Sallie Wolf, 12:03am
Jake Lloyd, 12:00am

*NOTE: List doesn't include annonymous donors.

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