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Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer learning Part II: Relationship building through DC SCORES

Painting exercises at Marie Reed camp!
This summer, intern Roland Walker is visiting DC SCORES’ four summer camps and talking to participants and counselors about teamwork -- one of the program’s key values -- and what it means to them. View pictures from the camps on our Flickr page and on Facebook. 

Written by Roland Walker 

Often times when we hear the word relationship we think of girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives. According to dictionary.reference.com, however, a relationship is defined as a connection, association or involvement. This means that we have relationships with mostly everything we encounter daily; our family, pets, faith, possessions, and the list goes on.

Last week at DC SCORES’ summer camps, I asked counselors and coaches what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship. It is important that our counselors understand the good traits to maintain healthy relationships because they knowingly or unknowingly teach the kids. Also during the week, camp participants at Marie Reed had the opportunity to show individual talent and creativity through arts and crafts.

The children enjoyed painting with potatoes, finger painting and screen printing T-shirts. We give thanks to art specialists Beth and Ann-Marie for coming to camp and giving the kids another opportunity to express themselves.

Coach Popsie works with youth at Bancroft Elementary.
At Bancroft Elementary School, the kids were ecstatic to begin playing soccer on Monday -- the first day of the five-week camp. Coach Popsie and Coach Carlos showed up ready to teach the kids the basics of soccer. I noticed that the children naturally gravitated toward Popsie for guidance. He works well with children, using a combination of playfulness and strict order.

“I have a little bit of Bobby Knight in me far as the discipline part of it goes,” Popsie joked about the former Indiana men’s basketball no-nonsense coach.

He has been coaching for DC SCORES for five years now and strongly believes in the power of unity amongst teammates.

“I’ve had situations where my team has been divided and even though they were good, it wasn’t as enjoyable,” Popsie said.

We appreciate everything Coach Popsie does for DC SCORES. He is a great role model and community service activist.

“At the end of the day, I want the kids to have fun,” he said.

The dynamics in any given relationship are vast. We are unique individuals by design, which means we cannot duplicate how we maintain a relationship among two different people.


You were the one who taught me how to trust 
You never stole anything but my friendship 
In our relationship you taught me how to love 
Not in an intimate way but I was joyous to see you every day 
We shared good times and bad 
When you were happy I was glad 
When you showed sorrow I felt sad 
My life wouldn’t be the same without you 
And as I’m remembering wonderful times I hope you feel the same way too 
- Roland E. Walker IV 


 Learning how to maintain healthy relationships will never stop. Never stop learning from your friends, family, colleagues, and society because you share a very important relationship with all of the above.


Leader of the week: Ana. G.
Ana has been a part of DC SCORES for seven years. She is going into the 10th grade and has ambitions to work in the police force. Later on, she wishes to transfer into the FBI. She chose to work with DC SCORES summer camp this year because she loves to help children. We are proud to shine light on Ana and hope she surpasses all her goals in life.


Rising star of the week: Emily
Emily has a strong personality and really enjoys her time at DC SCORES. She gets along well with the other children and sets a good example on how to behave while at camp. We are proud to shine light onto Emily for her cooperation and participation.

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