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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Going to College Part I: Davongah Martin, James Madison University

Davongah Martin (front right) with her Kelly Miller
Middle School soccer team.
During the six weeks leading up to the fall DC SCORES season, we are highlighting former program participants who are enrolling in college. These young adults found many of their interests through their time in our Arts/Athletics/Academics model and have used the lessons learned through their teams to earn scholarships to continue their education.


When Davongah Martin joined the DC SCORES team at Arts and Technology Academy in 2003, she had never been on a team before. Of any kind.

Davongah, then a third-grader, had no idea what being on a team meant. She didn't know about the benefits that came from working together as one to achieve a goal (or two). Or how a peer's success could, and would, push her to achieve things she'd never thought possible. 

Ten years later, Davongah has used DC SCORES' core values — teamwork, leadership and commitment — to earn an academic scholarship to attend James Madison University, where she will study criminal justice and minor in psychology.

"DC SCORES taught me to never give up and work hard," said Davongah, who will also run track for the Dukes' varsity Division I team and run on their cross country club team. 

Davongah said that her experience with DC SCORES at ATA and then Kelly Miller Middle School in Ward 7 built her character and inspired her to play more sports. 

It's a sad truth that there's a clear paucity of school sports teams for girls growing up in the District — especially in low-income areas. Soccer was never Davongah's passion, but through playing it, just by having the opportunity, she learned to love sports. She now will compete at a very high level.

We're excited to follow Davongah's continued growth academically and athletically in college. 

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