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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poetry Slam! 2012 Video of the Week: H.D. Cooke Elementary School


NOTE: Each week, we are featuring a school's performance from the 15th Annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam!, the largest youth slam in the District! During the two-night culminating event of the fall season -- held Nov. 28 at Columbia Heights Education Campus and Nov. 29 at H.D. Woodson High School -- 35 schools had the opportunity to perform original group and solo poems and songs in front of their peers, families and community members. At the end of each night, teams were called back up on stage to receive trophies.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the self-expression DC SCORES instills in youth. 

On the first night of the Slam!, the H.D. Cooke Bulls took the stage and created a united, strong campaign for change through self-expression. By way of introduction, the Bulls said: "Listen Obama, the Bulls have something to say/here are our plans to help today!" 

Then one by one, members of the poetry team took the microphone and called for actions such as more police, better parks, more funding for elementary schools, and the planting of trees to fight global warming. 

By the time the Bulls left the stage to steady applause, they had inspired many in the near-capacity audience at Columbia Heights Education Campus.  

H.D. Cooke's original poetry isn't just on video for you to enjoy, either. It's currently featured on the Busboys and Poets website.  

To view any performance from the Poetry Slam!, visit the DC SCORES YouTube page.

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