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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inside the season at Marie Reed Part VII: All eyes on the Poetry Slam!

This fall, DC SCORES intern Mir’ed Asfour is following the boys and girls teams at Marie Reed Elementary School, the flagship school of our program. Check back each week for posts highlighting the students and coaches at Reed; detailing the successes and struggles of the season; and placing in the spotlight everything that goes on behind the scenes during a DC SCORES soccer season.

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Written by Mir’ed Asfour

Marie Reed’s boys and girls were jumping up and down on the side of the gym, watching and cheering on their peers as they scrimmaged.

With the soccer season over, Coach Lacomba’s girls and Coach Lenaghan’s boys were split into groups and scrimmaging. The kids were the most excited they have ever been, proving that there’s no better competition than your closest friends. As a group of the kids were playing, others on the sidelines reminisced on their season.

“This season was the best,” Blanca J. enthusiastically exclaimed. “I got to play goalie, support teamwork, and have fun with my friends. The best part of the season was working with my team.”

Added Kastenny C.: “(At the beginning of the season) we didn’t get used to each other, but we’re now getting along very well. The best part of the season was when we got to go to Fall Frenzy and my team won every time. It was the best because of all the games we play and all the fun activities.

“The worst part of the season is that the season is ending.”

Kastenny’s feelings echo those of many of her teammates. Nobody wants to stop playing soccer, and nobody wants the season to end.

“I love soccer,” Kastenny said. “Soccer is always a part of me, and I can’t live without soccer.”

Like the girls, the boys team performed very well this season. Also like the girls, Reed’s boys did not lose a single game.

Kavon R. attributed the season’s success to Coach Lenaghan, saying that the team improved because of all the practices and scrimmages.

Darnell B., having completed his first season on a DC SCORES team, chimed in: “This soccer season was great; we never lost a game!” Darnell’s season was highlighted by his goal at Fall Frenzy.

With the soccer season over, all the attention is on tonight’s 15th Annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam! at Columbia Heights Education Campus (map).

“Poetry is fun,” said Blanca, adding that she loves rhyming.

“Poetry has had its ups and downs,” said Kastenny, who is excited about performing her own solo piece on stage (each elementary school team performs two group pieces and one solo poem).

Darnell boldly proclaimed, “We’re going to win first place, and come back with the trophy!”

We will find out this evening. Join 18 DC SCORES schools and family, community members and others at Columbia Heights Education Campus.

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