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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Student profile and performance: Tadjanique W., Kelly Miller Middle School

NOTE: Each week, we are featuring a DC SCORES student who was one of six special performers at the Inspired Art Gala, held May 19 at the Carnegie Institution of Washington!. The students represent schools throughout the District and demonstrate how hard work in DC SCORES' writing workshops can result in a stunning finished product. 

This week we highlight Tadjanique W., formerly of Kelly Miller Middle School. 

Tadjanique is now in high school, using the creative talents that she developed and honed during her years as a DC SCORES participant. More than anything, Tadjanique loves to act and sing, and as seen during her Inspired Art performance, she relishes being on stage. 

Tadjanique also knows the importance of getting exercise, and soccer is her favorite activity through which to accomplish that. She was a star on the field for Kelly Miller, always in the middle of the action. 

Tadjanique, whose favorite school subjects are math and music, aspires to go to college then become a doctor or a teacher. 

See more DC SCORES videos, including summer campers performing a Bachata dance, on our YouTube page.

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