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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Student profile and performance: Nohemy S., Tubman Elementary School

NOTE: Each week, we are featuring a DC SCORES student who was one of six special performers at the Inspired Art Gala, held May 19 at the Carnegie Institution of Washington!. The students represent schools throughout the District and demonstrate how hard work in DC SCORES' writing workshops can result in a stunning finished product. 

This week we highlight Nohemy S. of Tubman Elementary School.

Not that Nohemy wasn't a star poet before, but last week she gained national fame when she had a speaking part in the Democratic National Convention video introducing, yes, the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama!. Cue to the 6:03 part of the video to see Nohemy.
Yes, millions of people worldwide saw Nohemy speaking about the First Lady!.
Michelle Obama, of course, is the leader of the Let's Move initiative, encouraging children nationwide to lead healthy lifestyles both in the food they eat and by exercising. Nohemy is a good spokesperson for the movement -- she enjoys cooking nutritious meals at home and is a star on the school soccer team. 

Of course, Nohemy also isn't shy of the camera. Whenever she's sad or angry, she uses poetry as an emotional outlet. Her former poetry coach at Tubman Elementary praised Nohemy's ability to "accentuate her character and beckon the attention of the audience."

That's exactly what Nohemy did at the Gala with her poignant poem, "Where I am From," about being proud of her Hispanic upbringing.

At DC SCORES, we couldn't be more proud of Nohemy's contributions to her team both on the soccer field and on stage -- even if she wasn't a national star.

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