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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer camp participants join kajeet volunteers, visit National Gallery of Art for a scavanger hunt

Written by Genia Rosenblum
Guest Writer

As the DC SCORES summer camp art specialist, I was tasked with coming up with a week worth of lessons to teach to an excited, rambunctious, creative group of DC SCORES students.

After learning that we'd be taking a field trip to the National Gallery, I decided to plan the week around creating  portraits and sculptures inspired by the artwork found in the National Gallery East and West. The kids were super excited to get to paint and to then of see some of the artwork we were studying in person.

When we arrived at the museum last Thursday, it was HOT outside! The wonderful volunteers of DC SCORES’ partner kajeet -- they brought 20 enthusiastic employees! -- were there to help us wrangle the students and get the scavenger hunt underway. The students and their leaders set off looking for different works of art scattered throughout the museums.

I think the volunteers had just as much fun as the kids did trying to find all the artwork on the scavenger hunt.

We ended the scavenger hunt in the National Gallery East. The Panthers were our winners, with 29 works found in both buildings!

As an educator, it's always heartwarming to see students get excited about learning and exploring new things. They were pointing at sculptures, asking questions and wanting to know more about what was in front of them.

When we returned to the studio the next day, we made object sculptures inspired by what we had seen in the gallery the day before. EVERYONE had something to create!

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