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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shop at Modell's Sporting Goods this month to support DC SCORES

If you walk into the Modell's Sporting Goods in the bustling Columbia Heights shopping district -- tucked neatly under the Target/Best Buy/Washington Sports Club empire -- you quickly feel like you're in a cozy, neighborhood store. 

Not only are friendly attendants always at the ready to help you find the newest sports gear, but when you're ready to check out, a look at the back wall will reveal a trio of soccer jerseys hanging up.

DC SCORES jerseys.

The shirts have been on display since Modell's became a partner of DC SCORES last year with the opening of the store on 14th Street -- there is also a Modell's on Benning Road in Northeast. Ever since, the store has been a popular destination for DC SCORES students and alumni from schools such as Tubman Elementary, Lincoln Middle and MacFarland Middle who live close to the store.

Thanks in  part to DC SCORES students, in fact, the store has increased its soccer section -- and the prices are the most affordable of any sporting goods store in the city.

This is a big reason why we're proud to continue our partnership with Modell's this month. Through June 28, print out this coupon for 15% off at either of DC's stores -- print as many as you'd like -- and 5% of your sales will come back to DC SCORES. Not only that, but you'll be supporting a local business that strives to serve the residents of this city who don't have the means to shop at the bigger, more expensive stores that are mostly in the suburbs.

Through our partnership, Modell's is also providing gift cards to use as giveaways at summer camp and events such as our SCORES Cup June 16, which we in turn use to direct traffic to the store. A cash sponsorship has allowed us to purchase more soccer equipment that will be put to use at our three free camps this summer.  

"Modell's is a proud sponsor and supporter of the DC SCORES organization and we are excited to continue our partnership with them this year," said Modell's Community Ambassador Jamal Jones. "We recognize the impact DC SCORES has on the kids in our communities.

"We want to do our part and make sure that organizations such as DC SCORES have all the necessary resources to continue to have a positive impact on our communities."

So when you go in the 14th Street store, point to the jerseys on the wall and mention that you're a DC SCORES supporter. We're sure the cashier will smile as they recognize the name. 

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