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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's simple: Your vote on May 14 can help DC SCORES win a NEW CAR!

One of DC SCORES’ biggest challenges each year, among many that come with running the District’s largest after-school program, is transportation.

Busing kids on game days is no simple -- or cheap -- task. That’s the huge, unavoidable, buses-are-necessary transportation need.

And then there’s everything else.

Transporting goals to schools. Transporting goals, tents, tables and other supplies to our special events. Taking kids to Starbucks readings. Driving kids to special appearances -- whether they’re performing on live TV or visiting the White House.

Those are just a few of the needs that are currently handled by our staff. In our mostly small cars. It’s not easy, nor is it terribly efficient.

Which is why we could really, really use a Toyota Sienna. And this is where you come in.

Next Monday, May 14, from 10am-midnight, as part of the Toyota 100 cars for Good program, DC SCORES is competing against four other organizations to win a brand-new Sienna.

That’s right -- a NEW CAR!

The competition is simple: Whichever organization receives the most votes during the 14-hour period wins.

There’s no way we can do this without you, our loyal supporters. As is the case with everything we do here, it will have to be a complete team effort.

Here’s how you can help in a very short period of time:

1. Visit https://apps.facebook.com/carsforgood/ today, click on "finalists" & search for "DC SCORES."

2. To the right of our name, click the "remind me" link.

3. On May 14, you will receive an email reminder; go back to that link & vote for DC SCORES (BETWEEN 10am & midnight EST)

4. Confirm you will “attend” our virtual voting Facebook event and invite your friends (through the tab in the upper right corner) so they can vote for us. NOTE: Everyone invited to the Facebook invite will receive a reminder message on May 14 to vote!

5. Share the Facebook event on your wall on May 14; Tweet or Retweet about it (follow @DCSCORES and #100cars).

6. Share the amazing video at the top of this blog post to inspire your friends to vote and spread the word!

7. Help DC SCORES win a Sienna!!! Thanks, as always, for your incredible and unyielding support.

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