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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Highlighting our youth poets: Brookland Education Campus

NOTE: Each week, we are featuring a school's performance from the 14th Annual Poetry Slam!. During the two-night culminating event of the fall season, each of the 27 schools DC SCORES serves had the opportunity to perform original poems and songs in front of their peers, families and community members.

On the first night of the Slam!, Brookland Education Campus gave a poignant performance that included a poet-athlete taking center stage in an Army uniform and giving a heartfelt salute to the troops. The performance illustrated how months of learning how to creatively express yourself and then prepping for the bright lights can result in a tremendous finished product.

Check out Brookland in the spotlight at Columbia Heights Education Campus!

To view any performance from the Poetry Slam!, visit the DC SCORES YouTube page.

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