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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

District Sports partners with DC SCORES to promote youth development through soccer

For the past few years, we have been privileged to receive great support from the District’s largest adult recreation soccer organization. 

District Sports, headed by Alex Bearman, has been a leading communicator of our cause and has helped us in many ways including: 
  • Volunteering at program events and reffing soccer games. 
  • Loaning equipment to us for events. 
Now, we are proud and excited to formalize our partnership with District Sports, which continues to grow and provide more and more recreational soccer opportunities for adults in the District. 

As part of our agreement, District Sports will continue to support our program financially through two events: 
  • In June it will enter a team into the DC SCORES Cup tournament. 
  • In December, District Sports will again organize and host the Columbia Heights Cup charity soccer tournament supporting DC SCORES. 
Additionally, District Sports is a tremendous conduit through which we gain volunteers and supporters who are soccer enthusiasts and are interested in our mission. Any communication by District Sports about our programs naturally elicits responses from people curious about how we’re using soccer to inspire youth in the District. 

“District Sports, and Alex Bearman specifically, has been a tremendous supporter of our program for the last few years without ever asking for much in return,” said DC SCORES Executive Director Amy Nakamoto. “We are extremely excited to be working closely with an organization that continues to grow, has a track record of service in the communities in which it’s active, and aligns itself so directly with our emphasis on youth development through soccer.” 

In December, District Sports hosts the Columbia Heights Cup
“As a community-based organization committed to providing soccer opportunities to the citizens of the District of Columbia, District Sports has a lot in common with DC SCORES regardless if the demographics we serve are different,” said District Sports Executive Director Alex Bearman. “District Sports has since its inception taken pride supporting athletics in our city, and DC SCORES is vital to that. 

"Our members have come together this spring season to form 200 unique soccer teams and are proud to be able to play a part in bringing that team experience to the city's youth. We look forward to being a part of the sustained growth of DC SCORES.” 

About District Sports 
District Sports is a non-profit community organization that provides recreational sports leagues for adults in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and is committed to: 
  • Offering safe, fun and reliable opportunities for participants to experience sports in an environment that is organized and respects varying levels of skill. 
  • Providing a network for participants to connect and engage with one another through a range of social and service activities. 
  • Engaging participants and its brand in activities that use sports for development and otherwise improve the quality of life of communities local and global. 
For more information about District Sports or joining one of the dozens of recreational soccer leagues it offers every season, visit www.DistrictSports.org or email info@districtsports.com.

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