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Monday, February 13, 2012

An interview with DC SCORES Alumni President Aaron H.

A couple months ago, the first-ever DC SCORES Alumni Executive Board was formed, as written about on the DC SCORES blog.

The largest leadership position went to Aaron H., a 10th-grader at Phelps High School who was a DC SCORES poet-athlete at Aiton Elementary School for three years.

Aaron recently took time out of his busy school and presidential schedule to chat about his new role and look back on his DC SCORES experience.

What was your favorite part, looking back, of your DC SCORES experience?

It’s probably the soccer tournaments. Getting to interact with a bunch of schools in one day. Not having to wait until next week to play another school. Getting a bunch of schools in one place on one day was a lot of fun.

Is there a specific memory that really sticks out to you?

For some reason, I just remember the game when it was raining -- it was raining real hard -- and we played through the game. It was fun to play in the rain. We thought they was gonna cancel it.

How and when did you first get involved as a DC SCORES alum?

About a year ago. I added them on Facebook, and then I started seeing all the updates and I came to a meeting.

What inspired you to really get involved?

It was fun to be in DC SCORES when I was young, so I just wanted to still be involved. And when I was in middle school, I thought that we were going to have a soccer team with DC SCORES, but it wasn’t like enough people and I got mad about that. Then I saw that even though I’m in high school, I can still be involved in DC SCORES.

What inspired you or made you excited to run for Alumni Council president?

I was just here and I heard that we was gonna have different positions, so I decided to run for president!

What are your goals as the alumni president? What things do you want to get accomplished?

I want to see more alumni get involved, because even now it’s a good amount of alumni (involved) from different schools, but not as much as I’d like to see.

How excited are you to see so many alumni already coming back and they’re all excited about the program, about giving back and then also doing things together?

It’s really exciting to see a bunch of alumni; they still want to be involved with DC SCORES. Even some of them, they still have their soccer games and soccer practices (for their teams), but if it’s a day where they don’t have a game or practice, they’ll come to the meetings and the tournaments and Fall Frenzy. We volunteer, even refereeing the games.

You’ve reffed games, right? What’s that like?

It’s really exciting. We have to pay attention a lot and it’s more running than I thought. They’re all over the field, so we have to be kind of right on top of it. Especially when you’re the only one refereeing, so you can’t just be on one side of the field -- you have to be everywhere.

How do you think this experience, this leadership position, will help you in the future?

It’s good practice for understanding how to deal with different things that come up, because now I have to deal with different situations that come up and having a lot of responsibilities and having X, Y, Z to do by tomorrow. So it’s just practice on having a leadership role.

What was it like being on stage at the Poetry Slam! handing out the trophies?

At first I was a little bit nervous because (Senior Program Director) Ms. Katrina (Hochstetler), she told me I’d go on stage and hold the trophy.

What are your future plans after high school?

After high school I plan on getting involved with the fire department because they pay good and they pay for you to go to college too. So I get to work and go to college.

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