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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

High school student trades in Christmas presents to donate to DC SCORES

DC SCORES volunteer Catherine Tanner
In most ways, Catherine Tanner is a regular teenager living in Washington, DC. She goes to school, loves playing soccer, and hangs with friends.

But this holiday season, Catherine stood out in a way that most teenagers wouldn’t even consider.

Catherine sacrificed her Christmas presents — yes, all of them — and instead asked friends and family to help her reach a goal:

Raise $1,000 for DC SCORES.

For Catherine, believe it or not, it wasn’t all that difficult of a decision. She’s volunteered as an elementary school referee, among other duties, for the past couple years, and loves the opportunity DC SCORES provides for over 800 kids to be on a team.

“Soccer has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember,” Catherine said. “I've always thought DC SCORES was a great motivator for kids who didn't have the opportunity to play a sport, and soccer especially is a fantastic way to bring a community together.”

So how did Catherine's fundraising drive turn out?

By early January, she reached her goal. $1,000 raised!

"People have been extremely supportive when I elaborated on what I am trying to achieve. I have yet to encounter anyone who does not think it is a worthy cause," she said in late December.

The generosity and thoughtfulness Catherine displayed during the holiday season was both incredible — for anyone of any age — and an inspiration.

We hope you can make a donation of any amount to DC SCORES to make an indelible impact like Catherine.

Help us achieve our vision of providing a team for EVERY student in the District deserving of being on one.

And THANK YOU, Catherine, for being such an inspiration this holiday season.

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