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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrate Washington, DC's nonprofits by donating on Give to the Max Day

One of the easiest parts of my job is, well, promoting the work DC SCORES coaches do every day at schools throughout the District.

It never is hard to say, Here’s why DC SCORES is important … Here’s an example of the impact we make…

It is, however, difficult to say the following:

Our poet-athletes are more deserving — and more in need — than kids or elders or the homeless who are served by other nonprofits in Washington, DC.

The truth is, there are many — check that, hundreds — of organizations doing extremely important and essential work in this city. We’re just one of them.

Which is why the region’s first Give to the Max Day is so important.

Next Wednesday, Nov. 9, is the biggest day of the year for DC’s nonprofits. It is a day to promote the heck out of each other and engage in friendly competition.

Yes, a donation war.

We’re asking you, our supporters, to help us engage in this battle of giving by A) Making a contribution of $10 or more to DC SCORES on Nov. 9; and B) Spreading the word about Give to the Max Day during the next week.

In addition to your donations, charities will receive prizes for most money raised, most unique donations, second place, third place, 12th place (because we’re heading into 2012, duh!), 44th place (because Obama is the 44th president, duh!), and $1,000 — or a “golden ticket” — for whichever nonprofits receive the most donations during each hour beginning at 2 p.m.

Our hour of focus? 5-6 p.m. EST.

There are several chances to win. There is the potential for several big winners.

We in the DC SCORES office tend to go crazy about our program and poet-athletes all the time. That’s part of our job. What we’re asking of you is much different:

Go nuts about DC SCORES for one day. Donate. Facebook it. Tweet it. LinkedIn it. Go all old-school and post fliers! You get the point.

Help us celebrate the work of ALL the District’s worthy causes by promoting the nonprofit industry’s BIGGEST day of the year (the region hopes to raise an estimated $3 million).

It’s that easy.

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