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Monday, October 31, 2011

DC SCORES alumni profiles: Kurt L., Carlos R., Jorge S., Bell Multicultural High School

(From left): Carlos, R., Jorge S., Kurt L.,  Bell High School
Written by Nikki Allinson
Community Outreach Coordinator

(If you’re an alumni of DC SCORES, become a friend of the alumni page, follow us on Twitter, or contact Miss Nikki at nallinson@americascores.org or 202.695.3260 to get involved.)

Which school did you participate with in DC SCORES?

Kurt: Lincoln Middle School
Carlos: Lincoln Middle School
Jorge: Raymond Elementary School and Lincoln Middle School

Why did you first become involved in DC SCORES?

Kurt: I grew tired of only playing football, and all my friends loved it.
Jorge: I just love playing soccer
Carlos: Ya, everybody loves soccer

What did you learn about being on a team?

Jorge: You have to fight for the team, even if you think you’re going to lose. We would be losing by two goals in a game, but we would always fight back for more.
Carlos: Ya (our coach) taught us a lot about teamwork, especially with passing.
Jorge: And we also learned as a team with poetry. Kurt wrote a sweet rap for the Poetry Slam!
Kurt: Ya that was cool having the team perform my rap.

What is your fondest memory from when you were a DC SCORES poet-athlete?

Kurt: At the championship game we had a big team and I got to start, so that was really fun. I had never even played soccer before that year!
Carlos: Well before the Poetry Slam! we were all nervous so we had a dance party. We got to relax and cool our nerves to get hyped up. Then we won the most spirited award!
Jorge: The Jamboree!. Some of the younger kids were talking trash and we finally got to play ‘em at the Jamboree and show ‘em how to act on and off the field with good sportsmanship.

What do you enjoy about being involved as alumni?

Kurt: Coming to the games.
Carlos: Ya definitely coming to the games, and I want to referee!
Jorge: I wanna referee too! It’s fun coming to the school and watching our old team and coaches on the field.

The Next Alumni Meeting will be Nov. 18 at 4pm at the DC SCORES office (1224 M St., NW). See pictures of alumni in action on the DC SCORES Flickr page.

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