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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coach profile: Rebecca Lebowitz, Bancroft Elementary School

Rebecca Lebowitz, Bancroft Elementary School

Writing coach

How long have you been with DC SCORES?

I am in my second year with DC SCORES.

What’s your other job within or outside the school?

I teach 3rd and 4th grade at Bancroft!

How did you get into education or start working with youth?

In college I ran after-school programs at a local middle school, which I loved. From that experience I knew I wanted to become a teacher and after graduation started in the classroom through the DC Teaching Fellows program.

Why did you choose to work for DC SCORES; what attracted you to the program?

I wanted to work with my students outside of the classroom, and all of them seemed to be completely psyched about DC SCORES. The combination of soccer, writing and service-learning has me totally psyched, too.

Now that you’ve been doing it for awhile, what do you enjoy most about it?

Watching kids find confidence in writing, athletics and teamwork. That and the soccer tips all the kids give me at practice.

Why is DC SCORES important to the school and the students it serves?

There are few other occasions for children to learn the true value and importance of collaboration and to celebrate group success and learning.

Was there an experience you had growing up that pushed you into education or toward doing a program like DC SCORES? Were you in a similar program?

In 6th grade I had a teacher who convinced me to join a community service club. Although I was unconvinced that it would be fun, it turned out to be one of my best middle school experiences. By the end of my third year in the club, almost 30 kids were a part of it. The DC SCORES program, leaders and participants remind me of the wonderful first after-school experience that I had.

What’s your favorite DC SCORES event & why?

I have to admit that I like it all; the Jamboree! and Poetry Slam! showcase so much hard work, but we get to see the passion the kids put into soccer, writing and service every day at practice.

What’s your most memorable DC SCORES experience?

Last year our team planted a beautiful garden outside the front entrance of our school. Not only did it transform the appearance of the school, but we all had a great time having a hand at improving our school and its physical presence in the community.

Who is your favorite athlete?

 Dustin Pedroia and Ray Allen. (I'm from Boston and stay true to my roots.)

Who is your favorite singer or poet?

My favorite songs are sung by Lauryn Hill, Cat Stevens and Marvin Gaye.

What is your favorite food?


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