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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Check out DC SCORES on Groupon; deal ends soon!

Last July, I got the chance one afternoon to escape the office and attend DC SCORES soccer camp at Tubman Elementary School.

I was interested in seeing what kinds of activities participants engaged in and the general mood of campers. Were they excited to be playing soccer in the summer heat? Or were they just at Tubman because, well, their parents didn’t want them at home.

Unfortunately, the rain came shortly after the camp day got started, and we were forced to head inside to the lone classroom that was open. As the more than 100 campers were served lunch, I talked to a few of them about summer camp.

Overwhelmingly, everyone I talked to said they enjoyed the DC SCORES camp and reaped several benefits from it.

When I asked what they would be doing sans the camp, I received the following answers:

“It’d be boring. There’s nothing to do,” said Christian L.

“Working with my dad, sleeping at home,” said Jorge S., not exactly enthralled by the idea.

“I would probably just be at home sleeping and watching TV," lamented Jhoana H.

Their responses, alone, illustrated to me just how vital DC SCORES’ summer camps are for the over 200 students in low-income neighborhoods they serve.

Over the last month, we’ve asked you to help fund our camps this summer. Now, one last time, we encourage you to check out our Couch to Camp Campaign.

But there’s a difference…

Through Thursday at midnight, the campaign has moved to Groupon, where any deal purchased is doubled by an anonymous donor. So do the math — $10, which equals healthy snacks for a camper for a week, actually provides that child with two weeks’ worth.

Not a bad deal. It's really easy, and cheap, to make an impact.

Thanks, again, for listening to our numerous calls for support over the last month. We just know — and I’m sure most of you do, too, from experience — how important the summer camp experience is for all children.

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