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Thursday, May 26, 2011

As season concludes, DC SCORES volunteers continue to make program successful

This afternoon, the Westside semifinals of the DC SCORES elementary school soccer league will take place — thanks to the donated time of a volunteer, who will referee both games. This is no anomaly. As the season winds down this week, it is important to recognize that it would be impossible to have soccer games throughout the city and host large fundraisers such as the Inspired Art Gala without the assistance and generosity of a committed group of volunteers.

By Amanda Potter

Last month, President Obama recognized the importance of the volunteer corps in America, and officially proclaimed April 10-16 National Volunteer Week.

“America's story has been marked by the service of volunteers. Generations of selfless individuals from all walks of life have served each other and our Nation, each person dedicated to making tomorrow better than today,” Obama began his proclamation, addressing the vital role that volunteers play in our society.

More than 63 million Americans volunteered their time and service last year.

Washington, DC is an example of volunteerism at its best. According to the Corporation for National & Community Service, 1.3 million people volunteer each year in the DC metro area alone, ranking it ninth among 51 big cities in the U.S. in terms of volunteer contributions.

DC SCORES relies on the gracious service of volunteers to make all the events you know and love become a reality. From big events such as the Poetry Slam! and Jamboree!, to the everyday soccer practices and poetry writing sessions, you will see the volunteers that make up the heart of the DC SCORES program.

DC SCORES coaches, known as our “SCORES Corps,” spend their precious after-school time working with the kids, teaching them soccer skills, self-expression through creative writing, and community consciousness with the service-learning curriculum. However, they can’t make the program run all alone.

Volunteer soccer assistants help coach the DC SCORES teams and lend their soccer knowledge and skills. Writing assistants work with the kids to hone their creative writing and self-expression techniques. Volunteer photographers capture the kids in action on game days or the excitement of special events. And, of course, all of our elementary school referees are volunteers.

Volunteers are crucial to the framework of any nonprofit, NGO or community-based organization. So all of us at DC SCORES take this time to thank all of our volunteers, past and present, for all the hard work and support you put into making our organization a success.

Interested and want to get involved? Check out the DC SCORES volunteer website for in-depth descriptions of our volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact Sean Hinkle, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteerdc@americascores.org or 202.393.6999 x313.

And be sure to check out the blog each month during the DC SCORES season as we highlight a Volunteer of the Month.

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