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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Longtime partner Starbucks Coffee celebrates 40th anniversary

Enjoying a cup of Starbucks' new blend!
Throughout the world today, Starbucks Coffee is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

As a longtime partner of the coffee giant, DC SCORES staff members were pleased to help bring in the occasion at the Capitol Hill location where we got the opportunity to try delicious new blends of coffee as well as treats the store is introducing.

Back in 1994 when Julie Kennedy founded DC SCORES at Marie Reed Learning Center, she was also – you guessed it – a barista at Starbucks. Thus, it didn’t take long for a partnership to form that has continued for 17 years.

Throughout the years, local Starbucks stores have provided space for DC SCORES elementary schools to host poetry workshops. Starbucks employees have also volunteered at our events, such as the Poetry Slam!.

Each year, the strength of our partnership grows.

Just like the quality of Starbucks coffee.

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