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Monday, December 6, 2010

As season concludes, DC SCORES' poets receive recognition, program featured on FOX 5

DC SCORES’ fall season came to an action-packed conclusion last week with two incredible nights of students performing poetry and songs.

This fall, DC SCORES served more students (800) at more schools (25) than ever before.

The middle school Capital Cup Championship games were two of the most dramatic, highly competitive games ever.

A professional band, The Great Unknown, visited MacFarland Middle School and helped students create a song. The Crusaders performed the song at the Westside Slam! last Wednesday and won the Golden Mic trophy for middle schools.

DC SCORES students from Thomson, Tubman and Lincoln received a personalized tour of Volkswagen headquarters and a clinic with D.C. United players.

And the 16th annual Fall Frenzy celebration was a huge success as well.

Yes, this has been an amazing fall season for our poet-athletes – and last week, the program received great recognition from two trusted District media sources.

Check out the video below of Executive Director Amy Nakamoto talking about DC SCORES on FOX 5. We were the first charity invited on the morning news as part of the station’s month of featuring local charities.

And read this account of the second night of the Poetry Slam! by Bill Turque, the education reporter for The Washington Post.

It was a tremendous, unprecedented fall season for DC SCORES. Congratulations to everyone – students, teachers, parents, partners and others – who made it possible.

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