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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you for voting for DC SCORES

Over the past month, we’ve asked a lot of our supporters. In addition to our usual communications about upcoming events involving DC SCORES students, we’ve asked for you to vote.

Once. And then again.

And probably again.

We’ve bombarded you with Facebook updates, blog posts and Tweets – just in case you didn’t already know to vote.

Now, we’d like to thank you. While we didn’t win the Stay Classy Award for the nation’s Most Creative Fundraiser, the month-long competition was invaluable for us.

By claiming the award for the District – based on your votes – we gained a great deal of attention and respect in the area that we serve. Our Facebook fans grew steadily, surpassing 900. Just over a year ago, we only had 250!

The national competition was fierce, but just being a part of it also benefited our program – and, by extension, our 800 poet-athletes.

Last night in San Diego, staff members of our affiliate America SCORES Los Angeles attended the Stay Classy Awards on our behalf as we were recognized as one of just 80 charities to be a national finalist. The impact of such a distinction can’t be underestimated.

Thank you, again, for showing your continued support for DC SCORES and helping us realize just how much our program means to so many people.

The number of votes we received during the two voting periods hasn’t been released. But, undoubtedly, it is in the thousands and just reinforces how our program has been successful for 16 years and running.

By working together as one large team.

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