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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why vote for DC SCORES? Ask the poet-athletes

There are just a few days left in the Stay Classy Awards competition, and DC SCORES needs your votes – and the votes of friends, family and coworkers – to win the award for the Most Creative Fundraiser held in DC.

But why should you vote for us?

Well, for one, the Kick, Click & SCORE Challenge was a truly unique event. It’s not every day an Executive Director of a nonprofit decides to juggle a soccer ball on a busy street corner – or dance, or do the yoyo, or do anything, for that matter – for the majority of 12 hours.

And then repeat the act the following day.

For a recap of the fundraiser, which succeeded in raising upwards of $50,000 over 48 hours, check out this video.

Secondly, our program, which serves close to 800 students in the District, is just as creative and innovative as the Challenge was. By combining soccer, creative writing and service-learning, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that builds well-rounded, confident young individuals.

Don’t listen to us tell you that, though. What do the poet-athletes think themselves? Below is a short video encapsulating all the feelings the DC SCORES model creates.

Sold on our program yet? And on the creativity of the Kick, Click, & SCORE Challenge? Then make sure to vote for us before Friday at midnight and spread the word.

We could win $10,000 and, just as important, well-earned national recognition for our program and its participants.

Now, more than ever, we need your support. It will take one heck of a team effort to come out on top.

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