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Monday, August 30, 2010

Individual success story: DC SCORES a stabilizing force at new school

In the final couple weeks leading up to the beginning of DC SCORES fall programming Sept. 13, we’re highlighting the appeal of the program through individual success stories. As you’ll read below, DC SCORES can serve as an escape for students who are otherwise simply going through the motions:

Alex was in DC SCORES in the sixth and part of the seventh grade at Lincoln Middle School on the Columbia Heights Education Campus. Unfortunately, during his seventh grade year, he became involved with a bad crowd, dropped out of school, and got into some serious trouble that involved spending time in juvenile detention.

Now, two years later, he is out of juvenile detention and back in school at one of our new partner schools. Upon arriving at this new school, Alex was determined to have a DC SCORES team. In fact, he was instrumental in bringing the program to his school last spring.

During the season, Alex truly became a leader on his team and worked hard to explain to his peers that DC SCORES is not just about winning, but about teamwork and building relationships with people from other teams.

During one particularly difficult game, Alex’s team lost and many of his teammates were so upset that they refused to shake hands with the other team. Alex spoke to his teammates and was able to persuade them to be good sports and shake hands.

The support structure that Alex found when he first joined DC SCORES in the sixth grade had an impact on his ability to get his life back on the right track and become a role model for his teammates. When Alex gets upset, his first instinct is to fight or curse. However, DC SCORES gives him an environment where there are supportive adults and peers who can remind him that he is not someone who needs to fight all the time and he calms down.

He is now excited about school and on his way to passing the eight grade.

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