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Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspired Art Preview: A small look at the art-poetry connection

We are just two days away from our first Inspired Art Gala, and it's hard to move in the office considering all the artwork on tables, against the walls and, well, everywhere.

The Gala, to be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, will feature approximately 70 pieces of art created by local artists. The professionals were given DC SCORES poems to base their works on, so guests will be able to make connections between the artwork and poetry on display.

From checking out the pieces of art and and the poems with which they're paired, I can attest that the artists have done an incredible job of conveying the feelings and ideas -- whether happy or sad, simple or complicated -- expressed by the students' poetry.

There is a limited number of tickets -- on sale until noon Wednesday -- still available for the Gala, which will also include performances by seven DC SCORES students and three professional spoken-word musicians.

To give you a taste of what will be on display Wednesday, here is one of the poem-artwork combinations that will be featured at the silent auction table. You can see a larger collection of examples on the Inspired Art website.

My Time of Sorrow
I hear the words
Over and over again
“He is dead, He is dead”
I felt my heart shatter into pieces
I thought to myself this can’t be true
This can’t happen to me
I fell to the ground
With lightening through my mind
My body shook like thunder
My tears dropped to the ground
As if houses were flooding
I thought in my mind,
“This is my moment of sorrow”

Saba A., Grade 6
MacFarland Middle School

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