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Monday, March 1, 2010

DC SCORES selects poets for National Poetry Slam

The spotlight of the New York Stock Exchange awaits two of DC SCORES' finest poet-athletes.

On April 19, Jasia S. of Burrville Elementary School and James P. of Raymond Education Center will perform at the America SCORES National Poetry Slam in New York.

They will join a pair of poets from each of DC SCORES' 12 affiliates in taking the stage to show off their immense talents, which earned them the trip to the Big Apple. Jasia is a fourth grader at Burrville who won the Shine Award at the DC SCORES Poetry Slam! for her outstanding poem about the environment. James is a sixth grader at Raymond who has been in the program for three years and is a leader both in the classroom and on the soccer field.

We will have much more about our finalists and the event in the lead-up to the Slam! For now, get to know Jasia and James a little better by reading individual poems they performed at the DC Slam! in early December:

Community Violence
By James P.
Raymond Education Center

The community needs to stop all of the killing.
I think it's time for some healing.

I don't want to hear the police any more,
I don't want to hear someone getting robbed and now poor.

I don't want to see people go to jail, 
now their family is forced to pay bail.

We need to have love in the community.
We need to have neighborhood immunity.

We need to stop acting like beasts.
We need to have love and community peace.

Let's All Save the World Together
By Jasia. S
Burrville Elementary School

Do you like nature?
Do you like playing outside?

Do you like hiking or watching the beach tides?

So Let’s Save the World Together!

It’s getting warmer nowadays.
So don’t let the hot weather carry you away.
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and don’t litter.
So tell this to relatives, friends and baby sitters!

So let’s save the world Together!

Go green, plant gardens, plant bushes or even a rose.
And bring back that fresh natural smell to your nose.
Save electricity and cut off the lights and bring back those peaceful and cooler nights.
Don’t waste the water we need to drink
So please don’t let those precious drops go down the sink!

So Let’s Save the World Together!

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