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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final bonus day added to the Athletes for Hope giving competition

What an incredible month it's been.

Thanks to John Harkes and 70-some individual donors, nearly $5,000 has been raised for DC SCORES through the Athletes for Hope Who Gives? Racing for a Cause challenge.

The money will directly benefit the 700 student-athletes we serve. And they, like us, greatly appreciate all the work and generosity that has helped us reach seventh place in the 53-team competition. The impact of those who have given and/or gotten out the word about the challenge is hard to measure.

Now, Athletes for Hope is putting forth a final challenge. On Thursday -- the second-to-last day of the competition -- the organization has added another bonus day on which cash prizes are awarded for the charities that raise the most money during 24 hours and receive the most donations. Only this time, the prizes have been set at $1,250 -- a huge increase over the $500 that was offered on previous bonus days.

We're not asking you to donate -- especially if you already have -- but if you know people who might like to help out DC SCORES and if you want to get the word out, we'd be very grateful. As always, anything you can do is appreciated.

To donate, simply go to our Athletes for Hope page.

Thanks again for everything.

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