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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Faces of Summer SCORES, Part III: Brothers Leo and Leon W. bond at camp

This summer, more than 250 DC kids are participating in DC SCORES’ three free soccer and enrichment camps. Throughout the season, we will highlight particular participants through our Faces of Summer SCORES video and blog series. You can also follow along on Twitter and Instagram via the hashtag #SummerSCORES.


Written by Kelsi Moran
Communications Intern

It’s pool day at the Truesdell arts and soccer camp, and kids beam with excitement as they jump into the refreshing cold water on a hot summer day. Leon W., with his ever-present smile, jumps in with his brother Leo. The two are inseparable, both with a permanent look of pure enjoyment.

One of the many positive outcomes of DC SCORES camp is the opportunity for kids to build and strengthen relationships. Summer camp participants are unaware of the numerous memories they are making with others, and how much of an impact those shared experiences will have on their life. For these brothers Leo, 10, and Leon, 8, summer camp has formed a bond around soccer while fostering an environment where their relationship can grow.

Leo and Leon walk to and from camp together every day, reflecting on what they are excited about, what they learned, and what they enjoyed. While at the camp, it is apparent that the two have vastly different personalities and are independent individuals. But it is easy to see the connection between the two and similar spirit they bring to camp.

Leo (left), 10, and Leon, 10, have strengthened their relationship at DC SCORES summer camp.

“They both have this energy that I look forward to coming to every day,” said Jaryn Trent, their DC SCORES soccer coach.

Going to camp together gives the brothers a chance to motivate each other to work hard every day and help each other improve their soccer skills. This is the first summer the two have played soccer, making camp a joint learning experience.

“Soccer is now my favorite thing to do with my brother just because we both love the game and have had so much fun together at camp,” said Leon, a second-grader at Truesdell Education Campus.

For Leon, having a best friend around all the time is what makes brotherhood so special. He enjoys his brother’s presence at home, at camp, and on their walks between the two places. In most situations, they help each other every step of the way, all with warm smiles.

The different qualities they each bring to the table are noticeable to everyone they meet. They both enjoy telling others what they love about their brother.

“Leon is always laughing and smiling.” said fourth-grader Leo. “That is my favorite quality about my brother.”

Leo and Leon will leave camp with many more memories and shared experiences. Their relationship has strengthened during their time at Truesdell while cultivating a deeper appreciation for each other.

“Leo and Leon really work well together because of how close they are,” said Charles Robinson, longtime DC SCORES coach at Truesdell. “It’s common to see the two working together, helping each other out. The two are just really great to be around.”

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