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Monday, July 11, 2016

Faces of Summer SCORES, Part II: Nereida A. brings tireless work ethic

This summer, more than 250 DC kids are participating in DC SCORES’ three free soccer and enrichment camps. Throughout the season, we will highlight particular participants through our Faces of Summer SCORES video and blog series. You can also follow along on Twitter and Instagram via the hashtag #SummerSCORES.

Written by: Kelsi Moran
Communications Intern 

It’s stories like Nereida’s, the once shy third-grader that would later go on to speak in front of large crowds and play on the winning 2016 Jamboree! team that inspire. With the support of the DC SCORES family, Nereida was able to find the confidence to write her own story of dedication and determination.

Nereida’s soccer story began as soon as she was able to walk, and she quickly became the first female in her family to play soccer.

For Nereida A., 13, soccer is an activity that keeps her physically and mentally healthy. When life chooses to throw stones at her, she kicks a soccer ball right back at it. It serves as her outlet for letting go of all her stresses and is a time when she can feel free of everything negative.

When asked how she feels about soccer, she simply responded, “Soccer is life.”

Soccer has taught Nereida “determination, dedication and teamwork” while also making her a stronger individual. She recognizes that there’s always room to improve her skills and embraces all opportunity for progress. Productive criticism given from coaches is something she wholeheartedly applies to her practices.

Last week at Tubman soccer camp, Nereida consistently practiced one skill over and over again and soaked up every word of advice given to her.

She is “one of the most dedicated players,” said longtime DC SCORES coach and camp director Popsie Lewis. “She never gives up, no matter what new things you give or show her.”

While soccer has played a large role in her five years with DC SCORES, Nereida emphasized the poetry side as a major contributor to her confidence.

“They (DC SCORES) put me in front of a microphone to speak in front of hundreds of DC SCORES players and I was terrified,” Nereida said. “I can do that now, I don’t get nervous, and can speak with a strong voice.”

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