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Thursday, March 31, 2016

DC SCORES holds the biggest alumni soccer tournament yet

Written by Jake Lloyd
Communications Manager

(Full tournament photo album.)

This year, the weather cooperated.

Not that some rain would have kept the kids away.

Tuesday marked the 6th Annual DC SCORES Alumni Tournament held at Tubman Elementary School, and the event for former program participants now in high school was its largest ever.

More than 150 kids making up 17 teams spent a chunk of their spring break playing countless soccer games, reuniting with friends, and laughing and smiling under sunny skies while a wind ripped across the green turf surface on which three games took place simultaneously -- one round after another.

The tournament was sponsored by District Sports, a longtime partner and the largest provider of adult rec soccer leagues in DC. The Truth Initiative also provided support.

Before the event began, all the kids came together for a pep talk followed by a group photo. It was amazing to see the 17 different teams, all wearing custom-color T-shirts, make up a rainbow in the photo.

And then it was game time! More than any DC SCORES event, the tournament showcases the progress kids who hadn't touched a soccer ball before joining the program make over three, five, seven years. The skill level is very high, and the competitiveness only increased as the games got more meaningful.

In the end, F.C. All-Stars came away with the championship for a second straight year after scoring a golden goal vs. F.C. Lions. The All-Stars were handed autographed D.C. United balls, a generous donation from our partner.

But when all was said and done, more than 150 kids had a great time playing, storytelling, laughing,
reuniting, reminiscing and much more. The tournament was the best it's ever been, and it'll only continue to grow as more DC SCORES poet-athletes become alumni.

Thanks again to District Sports and the Truth Initiative for making the Alumni Tournament possible!

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